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Finding Your Shuffleboard Table

Buying Guide for Shuffleboard Table

The Shuffleboard table is also known as, American Shuffleboard. The object used to play the game is a push metal weight, a smooth wooden table that shows various scoring area. Shuffleboard tables have a range of 12 to 22 feet in length. Investing in a shuffleboard table can be an exciting and fun experience, and you will need good information to get the best quality shuffleboard table. When you are considering buying a shuffleboard table, there are few things you will need to put into consideration:  The critical things you need to look at is the finishing option, size, scoring system, thickness,  scoring systems and other factors.  The quality of the shuffleboard table will affect the lifespan, stability and the playing speed of your shuffleboard table.

The Size of the Shuffleboard Table

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a shuffleboard table is the size. This is because we have different sizes of shuffleboard tables and it will be very wise to consider where you want to use it before shopping for one. The average shuffleboard table size is between 9 feet to 22 feet. And it’s very crucial you have 3 feet clearance space. The shuffleboard for a tournament game, have their specified size. The specified size is most of the time 22 feet long and about 20 inches wide. In case you don’t have enough space to place it, then you will need to go for shuffle table of 9 feet long to 22 feet long. The tables that won’t take many spaces are the best option for recreational play. Professional players use the more extended table. That is why the short table is a good choice for beginners. The indoor shuffleboard table size is also important, for you to conveniently play. You should measure the space, to know the type of shuffleboard to shop for. You need about 3 feet to shoot comfortably with the table. Also, make sure there is additional space to move around the table because there is nothing as discouraging to have your table and your house been unable to accommodate it. Therefore getting the measurement of the space, you will like to place your shuffleboard to ease the whole process of moving it in.

The Size and Thickness of the Shuffleboard Table

The normal shuffleboard tables are 3” in thickness. This allows a very stable playing field. The wood now used is majorly soft maple and not the hard maple.


The Pucks (Weight)

The weight is significant in the shuffleboard performance. The quality of the weight will affect the shot you want to take. The Weights are mostly from metals or plastics and come in various sizes.  The specified weights are 2 5/16 inches in term of diameter and are used mainly in tournament play. Those used for recreational play are 21/8 inches in diameter. Pucks come in sets of eight, four red pucks and four blue pucks.

The Structure of the Shuffleboard Table

The surface of the shuffleboard table is more than how rough or smooth its. A very durable surface is essential for your shuffleboard; this is because the weight will affect the board.  Soft maples are a better choice for the board. White Maple, Russian Birch North American Maple Wood, is perfect for shuffleboard table. In a nutshell, you need a very hardwood because of the stronger the surface, the more resistant the board to damage. The shuffleboard wax is good for the indoor shuffleboard play. This is made from a bead to allow the weight to move smoothly on the board. The wax allows friction and makes the weight glide smoothly. This is good for the small tale and a beginner. The faster wax is ideal for extended table and will need you to need more expertise.

Understanding the Maintenance of your Shuffleboard Table

The shuffleboard table is a product of wood and susceptible to a lot of climatic changes. That is why you should keep your shuffleboard from direct sunlight. It’s important that you maintain your indoor shuffleboard to prevent it from being damaged.  Immediately you purchase your table make sure it’s been wax before use. You can clean it with a few drop of vinegar or olive oil before you apply your wax.  The wax will allow your board to be smooth and offer you smooth play. You should repeat the same process at least once in a month to keep your shuffleboard table shining.  The weather and the climate of the environment are also important. Changes in weather can affect the board since its made from wood. This is why indoor Shuffleboard has climate adjuster. The adjuster will moderate how the concave and convex of the playing surface. You should check the playing surface at least once in a week and make the necessary adjustment. Few players like their board to be convex because the center of the table is lower than the edges of the table so that the weight won’t fly off. Climatic adjusters are very easy to use. You will need to adjust using a screw


Scoring System

Shuffleboard tables have two different types of scoring grids. The third grid is also a 1-2-3 scoring system. There is also have a triangular scoring grid use for scoring grid. Nowadays, there are electronic scoring systems like the Sun-Glo Shuffleboard Universal Electronic Scoring Unit we offer here!


Find A Shuffleboard Table Here!

You can easily separate a lower quality from a quality shuffleboard table based on the features listed above. You will see the difference from just looking at it alone. Using this idea about the shuffleboard buying guide, you will be more informed about the features to expect when you want to purchase your shuffleboard table. Now you know what buzzwords, materials, and finishes to look for!

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